Tuesday, January 19, 2010 

How to Seduce a Woman Successfully

by Amanda Craven

Most guys hide a big secret: they don't know how to talk to women. More specifically, they don't know how to talk to a woman they are attracted to or how to approach a girl they like and want to get to know better. Volumes have been written on how to flirt with women (which is really what we are talking about here) but none of them really reveal the vital secrets you need to know if you want to strike lucky each and every time.

The first thing you need to do is think about how and why you've struck out in the past. I know that your failures are not what you really want to examine here but it's really important you do this to understand how to seduce a woman successfully. Did you come on too strong? Did you work alone or with a wingman? Did you pay attention to her verbal and non-verbal cues? What subconscious signals were YOU giving out?

You see, there is so much more to learn about how to talk to a woman than merely asking her about herself. Women are perceptive - they can smell insincerity a mile off and hear a false note in your voice. If you really want to find out how to talk to hot women then watch a master at work. You know - one of those guys who has women eating out of his hand within minutes as they laugh at all his jokes and look at him with those interested eyes...

Learning how to flirt with women is an art and some guys are better artists than others. The good news is, just like any art or craft, you can work on your technique until you, too, could write the book on how to approach a girl and score each and every time. Think back to those guys who make it look so easy. The one thing they always appear to be is relaxed. They're not sweating over it or wondering how to seduce a woman. They know they can do this because they've learned the secret of how to project that inner confidence that women adore.

There are several ways to develop your own inner confidence. Some people swear by NLP techniques, others by taking a more physical approach. Confidence, however, is only part of the package. You also need to know how to use it correctly - how to project just the right amount when you talk to women and, crucially, when to hold it back. In addition, you must understand how much you are giving away with your non-verbal clues.

Women are just like detectives - they'll pick up and pounce on these faster than you can bat one of your own eyelashes. Learn the secrets of controlling what you say and what you don't say and you'll be an expert on how to flirt with women. Yes, even the beautiful ones. Gorgeous girls are human beings too and every human alive responds to someone who knows and likes themselves and, most importantly, projects those qualities. Do this right and you will be able to flirt with women and succeed every time.